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Clinical Pharmacist

Requirements :

•Male / Female, max. 35 years old •Master Degree in Clinical Pharmacist •Minimum 1 year of working experience in the same field •Good health and physical fitness •Energetic, self motivated, attention to detail and confident •Good communication, honest and human relationship skills

Responsibilities :

- Develop clinical pharmacy programs according to policies and regulations - Review records of patients to determine the appropriateness of medication therapy - Evaluate patient’s condition to ensure all issues are being treated - Identify untreated health problems and refer patients to appropriate physicians - Develop effective medication plans that minimize the risk of adverse side-effects - Consult on dosages, medication substances etc. - Advise on the correct administration of drugs - Assess the results of pharmaceutical treatments - Collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure optimal patient care - Keep accurate documentation of medication plans and patient progress


Rp 1.473.000

Pemeriksaan dasar Bethsaida Hospital yang meliputi beberapa jenis pemeriksaan seperti radiologi, urin, hematologi, fungsi hati, fungsi ginjal, gula darah, lemak darah dan skrining hepatitis. 

Sarapan Pagi

Pemeriksaan Dokter

  • Dokter Umum
  • Dokter Spesialis Mata/THT


  • Rontgen Thorax AP/PA



  • Urin Lengkap


  • Darah Lengkap

Fungsi Hati

  • SGOT
  • SGPT

Fungsi Ginjal

  • Ureum
  • Kreatinin
  • Asam Urat

Gula Darah

  • Gula Darah Puasa
  • Gula Darah 2 Jam PP

Lemak Darah

  • Kolesterol Total
  • Kolesterol HDL
  • Kolesterol LDL
  • Trigliserida

Skrining Hepatitis

  • HBsAg
  • Anti HBs